Connecting the legal and the technical worlds

Lineal’s eDiscovery consultants connect the technical to the legal world. Using subject matter experts, Lineal consults on tools and procedures to ensure your project benefits from industry best practices.

Data experts

We advise critically, with a focus on data, at each stage: from sitting in on early custodian interviews, to the Case Management Conference or Meet and Confer, through review to production.  Lineal consultants become the data experts working alongside your legal team to efficiently and accurately identify, collect, process, review and produce your documents. .

During our consultation, we will work with you to identify:

  • Custodians, sources and volumes of data
  • Options and strategies for processing and hosting data
  • Detailed cost and timing estimates
  • Level of review oversight needed for matter
  • Review location in Lineal’s Central London offices or client’s own space
  • Review platform and technology selection
  • Tailored technology training for your team building upon previous review knowledge
  • Additional staffing needs

Our work is supported by a team of project managers who will ensure:

  • Accurate and timely results
  • Detailed project tracking
  • Predictable budgets without hidden costs
  • Highest quality of end deliverable
  • Regular communication and defensible documentation

An extension of your team

Lineal consultants become an extension to your team, whether from the outset of a matter, or brought in later in the case.  Through our specialist knowledge and resources all information and documentation relating to the matter is managed, collated and structured, allowing you to quickly access the information and be supported throughout the process.

To learn more about Lineal’s consulting services, speak to one of our experts by calling (0)20 7940 4799 or emailing