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Digital Forensics Find the Facts

The volume of electronically stored information grows year on year. Identifying and reviewing all of the relevant data pertaining to a legal matter requires a sound, defensible forensic process.

Lineal has significant experience in digital forensics and works with in-house counsel for enterprises, law firms, IT firms and consultancies.

We offer comprehensive, targeted and remote data collection services using the most versatile and powerful software and technology to undertake digital investigations, data restoration and remediation. Learn more here.

Incident Response Planning Be Prepared and React Effectively

The lifecycle of a breach, including incident Response is important to understand by all organisations.

It is a now a component within the majority of Risk standards and frameworks, that an Incident Response Plan is held as a preparedness control for when an incident will occur.

Lineal can provide you with the assurance that in the event of an incident, your environment is being handled by experienced personnel.

Website Vulnerability Scan (Non-ASV) See What the Hacker Sees

Lineal’s external vulnerability scan can supplement your existing pentesting and ASV scanning activities. This will provide additional assurance that your external interfaces are secure from attack.

An external vulnerability scan can be scheduled to run in line with your ASV scan, providing additional substance to the results provided by the ASV report.

This service will look at your external boundaries, the technology in use and the ports identified as being open.

E-commerce Support Work With Experts to Support and Secure

Whether you are just starting your journey within the e-commerce community, or require consultation for PCI-DSS or additional frameworks, through to project management and development of a new site, we have personnel that can assist you through this minefield of complex tasks.

Call us for more information and we can be assisting you with helping build your dreams or converting your traditional shop into an e-commerce presence, open to the world at all times of the day.

To learn more about Lineal cyber security, speak to one of our experts by calling (0)20 7940 4799 or emailing