Lineal’s cyber security product portfolio of services delivers leading industry protection to combat and neutralise the primary threat encountered by today’s rapidly evolving cyber landscape

Cyber Security Audit Assess, Review and Protect

Lineal Security Audit delivers critical insight by identifying and flagging vulnerabilities and high risk practices. The implementation of our actionable step-by-step roadmap will ensure key stakeholders are aware of the threats, and appropriate actions required to safeguard your organisation. Thus ensuring that all pertinent actions requiring attention are addressed and maintained with best-practice when implementing/reviewing a successful cyber security strategy.

Vulnerability Assessment Scan See What the Hacker Sees

Lineal’s vulnerability assessment scan, maps your risk threat landscape, by identifying vulnerabilities and configuration issues that hackers use to penetrate your network. And should be implemented in addition to any existing penetration testing countermeasures you have in place. This external vulnerability scanning will provide additional assurance that your external interface risks, are detected, identified and classified across your organisation.

Penetration Testing Be Risk Averse and Ahead of The Curve

Manage your infrastructure risk, and protect your customer data with our advanced armory of security countermeasures. Our Penetration Testing (Pen Test) uses fully accredited ethical hackers who have up-to-date knowledge, skills and competencies in the latest vulnerabilities and techniques used by real hackers who target web applications and services, wireless networks and networked systems, infrastructure and Internet of Things (IoT).

Cyber Incident Response Protecting Your Commercial Integrity

When your organisation is affected by a cyber-attack, it is imperative to have clear guidelines and procedures in place to manage and neutralise all security breaches.

Lineal’s cyber incident response service and our industry leading experts provide the complete assurance you need to protect your assets in a timely fashion. Minimising both internal and external impacts from cyber-attacks on your commercial operations.

Digital Forensics Find the Facts

We offer comprehensive, digital forensic investigations to ascertain and pinpoint causes and identify the source of cyber fraud and attack, both instigated by threat actors internally and externally. These services use the most versatile and powerful software and technology to undertake digital forensic investigations, data restoration and remediation.

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