Once your data has been uploaded into our eDiscovery platform, you will immediately be able to take advantage of our expertise in Early Case Assessment (ECA). Lineal’s eDiscovery service is unique in that it does not require you to load your data into a review workspace – and incur the significant costs associated with that – before taking this step. This innovative approach received widespread recognition at the 2017 Relativity Fest in London.

Why use Early Case Assessment?

  1. Better understanding of your data from the beginning

ECA will help you gain a better understanding of your data before even reviewing a single document. Reports and visual representations (e.g. charts and graphs) can easily be produced, breaking down the data by variables such as file type, date, the names of the creators or custodians, or the presence of certain keywords or concepts. This can be done even by users without eDiscovery experience; there is no need to be familiar with the syntax and jargon used in other search contexts. The documents can then be filtered or refined based on the variables identified in the reports, and then re-filtered as necessary for a more granular picture.

Thus you will be able to start giving some thought to the potential scale of the case and, by extension, the commerciality of your different options – for example, the merits of settling a commercial dispute vis-à-vis proceeding with litigation.

  1. Determine trends and issues quickly

Analytics can help you quickly to determine trends, key issues and missing pieces of the puzzle – all of which can help you understand the true story behind the case. Here are just a few examples:

  • Clustering can organise documents into groups according to their conceptual similarity, and thereby give you a quick snapshot of the kinds of issues covered in the documents and how they relate to each other.
  • Keyword expansion can be used to identify words or terms in the documents set that are closely related to your predetermined keywords. For example, in a professional negligence case against a financial planning firm, keyword expansion may reveal that the term negligence appears frequently in conjunction with Mary Smith, fixed income and XYZ bank. This could lead you to focus your factual enquiries on any professional advice given by Mary Smith – whom you know to be an employee of the financial planning firm – in relation to any fixed income products issued by XYZ Bank.
  • Language detection can automatically determine whether the data set contains documents in foreign languages – and if so, which languages and the corresponding document quantities – so that you can start thinking about your personnel needs (e.g. translators or foreign qualified lawyers).
  1. Save costs and make better decisions

ECA will put you in a better position to advise your client, at an early stage in the case, on the strengths and weaknesses of their position and the estimated costs of pursuing different strategies. You will be able to identify more quickly any irrelevant data that can be culled from the review to save costs (albeit in a defensible and intelligent way), as well as any gaps in the data and hence whether you will need to conduct further collections.


To find out more about how we can assist in your case, please call us on 0207 940 4799 or email one of our experts at info@linealservices.com.