What is eDiscovery?

Electronic Discovery and Disclosure, or “eDiscovery”, is the process of identifying, securing, and reviewing Electronically Stored Information (ESI). Although this process often relates to criminal or civil legal disputes, eDiscovery is also useful for regulatory investigations, audits, responding to subject access requests, and monitoring an organisation’s legal and regulatory compliance in real time.

Our eDiscovery services

  • Data processing and hosting
  • Early Case Assessment (ECA)
  • Data Analytics
  • Technology Assisted Review/Predictive Coding
  • Online review through advanced eDiscovery platforms
  • Review platform configuration and customisation

Lineal offers a full suite of services across the EDRM (Electronic Discovery Reference Model), supported by the best technical and project management staff in the industry. We use the latest versions of the most powerful eDiscovery technology available to find relevant information quickly and accurately.

Streamlined, efficient service

We can process data, host data and run ECA and Analytical tools all from a single platform, ensuring a more defensible chain of custody. We have received recognition within the industry for our ability to run ECA and Analytics at an early stage, saving time and costs for our clients and helping them make better decisions through a better understanding of their data.

Global expertise

We also have expertise in complex multi-jurisdictional and cross-border matters, ensuring that data privacy and data transfer regulations are followed.

To learn more about Lineal’s eDiscovery and Disclosure services, speak to one of our experts by calling 020 7940 4799 or emailing info@linealservices.com