Blending expertise and technology

Lineal’s information governance services blend expertise and technology to identify, understand and manage risk. We implement programs and workflows to guarantee that vital information is managed securely, efficiently and in accordance with the law.

We consult and co-ordinate with in-house counsel, law firms, and IT teams to identify, classify, normalise and analyse big data, establishing automated processes to deliver critical information to stakeholders in real time.

Early identification of risk

We have developed profiles for various high risk behaviours and correspondence and can identify compliance breeches before the regulators do.

Defensible data standards

Certified to ISO27001:2013, Lineal employs industry best practises to identify, collect, export and host our clients’ data to a defensible standard. We assist our clients ensure their own web and mobile application security, web infrastructure and help reduce the risk of unauthorised access and activity.

Our services include:

  • Information Identification
  • Big Data Analysis and Categorisation
  • Information Risk Assessments
  • Information Security Consultancy
  • Information Compliance Consultancy

To learn more about Lineal’s information governance services, speak to one of our experts by calling (0)20 7940 4799 or emailing