About Us

Bespoke solutions to complex client problems

Our ethos

Lineal provide bespoke solutions to complex client problems, giving them full confidence in the process and the delivered outcome. We operate at the cutting edge of digital forensics, cyber security and eDiscovery technology, using our expertise to exceed client expectations and operate within budget and tight timeframes.

Achieving results

Every member of our team understands the trust and reliance placed on us by our clients, whether they require support with digital forensics, cyber security, or eDiscovery. We select our teams with great care, placing an emphasis on intellect, commitment to confidentiality and ethics, and a determination to achieve the best results possible.

Flexible services

We assist businesses with identifying a tailored solution to their needs and help them navigate the complexities involved when law, technology, data, and compliance meet. We provide expertise and support in digital forensics & investigation, cyber security, incident response, eDiscovery, and due diligence.

Our team can investigate cyber security matters following a breach, but our ultimate aim is to work with you to ensure the breach does not occur in the first place. And when it comes to eDiscovery and digital forensics, we are primed to deal with the challenges presented by current and future modes of ESI including mobile and AI.

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How we work

From the outset, we partner with you to identify the resources and budgets needed to deliver the results you want.  Our bespoke budget management and quotation tools allow you to predict pricing and resources, minimising inefficiencies and reducing your costs.

Quality and peace of mind

We take the time to understand your digital forensic, cyber security and/or eDiscovery requirements, quickly identifying weaknesses and developing a clear strategy to deliver predetermined objectives.

Our team maintains high security that stands up to the explicit management controls required by our ISO27001:2017 certified data security accreditation. Your data is backed up to the minute in secure environments which are on par with government agencies and major financial institutions.

Global reach

Based in the City of London, we are ideally positioned to provide an immediate and flexible response to your needs both in the UK and internationally.

Our teams are highly educated and experienced in technology and/or science and are committed to understanding the latest developments in digital forensics, cyber security and eDiscovery and passing this onto you.

Technology Partners

Lineal delivers cutting-edge eDiscovery and Forensic technology solutions to our clients, with the technical expertise and experience needed to successfully deploy them.

Where we came fromSince its beginnings in 2009, Lineal has grown into an experienced and reliable solutions provider in digital forensics, cyber security and eDiscovery and has created a team with over 50 years’ experience in these areas. But regardless of rapid growth and success, the core values of strict ethics, quality service, and bespoke solutions for individual clients continue to prevail and are embedded into the culture of every team.

Our team

Lineal is proud to have a team that consists of some of the most distinguished experts in their respective fields in Europe, who are accredited to the highest level in systems/tools and subject areas of their expertise. Our team of experts is the driving force of our high standards.

Not only do they bring the expertise you need, they also provide an unparalleled level of customer service, making sure all your needs are met.

Executive Team

Martin Pollard - Managing Director
Martin Pollard

Martin is the Managing Director at Lineal, overseeing the company’s daily operations and its overall strategic direction. Martin founded Lineal following a highly successful career in Litigation Support and eDiscovery.

Philip Mooney - Global Sales Director
Philip Mooney

Philip Mooney is the Global Sales Director at Lineal. Philip brings a wealth of knowledge to Lineal, with over 20 years of Sales and Marketing experience in the business process outsourcing space.

David Martin-Woodgate - Digital Forensics and Incident Response
David Martin-Woodgate

David is the Director of Digital Forensics and Incident Response at Lineal, heavily focused upon the delivery and commercial aspects of multi-faceted operations and projects within the Cyber Security environment.

Management Team

Hannah Burnett - Director of Project Management
Hannah Burnett

Hanna is a Director of Project Management at Lineal. Hannah oversees all clients projects and advises clients on data identification, collections, review workflows and provides strategic support throughout the project.

Basir Tutakhil - Senior Marketing Manager
Basir Tutakhil

Basir is a Senior Marketing Manager at Lineal. Basir is responsible for the day-to-day running and implementation of Lineal’s marketing initiatives.

Shiv Sidar - Infrastructure Manager
Shiv Sidar

Shiv is the Infrastructure Manager at Lineal. Shiv is responsible for the overall management of Lineal’s IT infrastructure and leading the development of I&O service strategy and technical roadmap assessment of external and internal technology capabilities of Lineal.

Baris Aldemir - Production Manager
Baris Aldemir

Baris is the Production Manager at Lineal. With a wealth of knowledge in the printing and production industry, Baris is responsible for the entire print run and production process at Lineal.

Syed Zaidi - Finance Manager
Syed Zaidi

Syed is the Finance Manager at Lineal. Syed is responsible for the risk management procedures, accounting and internal control systems, corporate governance and regulatory affairs as well as the accounting framework.

Oliver Bouldin- Senior Project Manager
Oliver Bouldin

Oliver is a Senior Project Manager at Lineal who has a logical and analytical approach to problem-solving, which he employs throughout his role in Lineal’s Electronic Discovery and Disclosure team.

Edward Turay - Project Management
Edward Turay

Edward is a Project Manager at Lineal. At Lineal, Edward uses his technical background combined with project management expertise to guide clients through each stage of the eDiscovery process.

Colin Shephard - Senior Project Manager
Colin Shepheard

Colin is Senior Project Manager at Lineal and is recognised as one of the leading eDiscovery experts in Europe, with over a decade of experience in the litigation support industry utilising various platforms and technologies.


We are always interested to hear from talented team-players who are interested in joining us. We value skills and experience in AI, project management, cyber security, legal analytics, and high-end consultancy. Global experience in eDiscovery and the ability to speak multiple languages are also highly relevant skills.

Lineal has a progressive, friendly, modern environment, providing intellectual challenges and high job satisfaction due to the complex nature of our work.

RECRUITMENT AGENCIES: We have an in-house recruitment function and we are unable to accept unsolicited calls or emails.

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