Our Legal Document Services

Our clients receive the full spectrum of services tailored exactly to their organisation. Our teams have the talent, knowledge and technology required to support you and your organisation in all challenges related to Legal Document Services.

We offer a complete eDiscovery service, providing clients with clarity on the scope of data relating to a particular matter, and the costs of collection & review. Our team appreciate the challenges legal case teams and in-house counsel face when undertaking eDiscovery. We are qualified to the highest standard and are experts in quickly establishing the technologies and processes needed to deal with a specific eDiscovery project.

More specifically, our legal document services department produce a full range of supporting information for our clients’ legal matters. We provide a 24/7 service in order to deliver full & timely support for the most aggressive deadlines. We provide a collection of services from digital printing, copying & scanning from A5-A0 in colour and monochrome to electronic bundles and bibles.

Our Legal Document Services include:

Litigation Bundles / Transaction Bibles

Electronic Bundles (eBundles) / Transaction Bibles (eBibles) are electronic set of documents put
together with a search engine where you can search for words within the documents. The index has
all documents hyperlinked for easy access. We can customise the user interface to match clients own branding.

eBibles are created for solicitors involved in the non-contentious legal work in the commercial or corporate law sector. Whilst eBundles are created for legal teams involved in
contentious legal matters, facilitating creation of booklets and court bundles in compliance with
bundle guidelines.

Our services for electronic bundles and bibles consist of:

  • Creation of hardcopy and electronic bundles
  • Creation of hardcopy and electronic bibles
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Document Coding

Logical Unitisation

  • Determining document boundaries and capturing family relationships.

Objective Coding

  • Manually reading documents and capturing bibliographic information

Benefits of Electronic Bundles and Bibles

Interactive Index

  • Fully Replicate hardcopy or softcopy index.
  • Navigate through multiple indices via interactive links
  • Links to open and display documents instantly
  • Interface functions (i.e. print, return to home screen, back and forward navigation and user help guide buttons)
  • Split screen and full screen display options
  • PDF viewable within interface viewer (various PDF viewers compatible such as Adobe reader, Foxit and more)
  • Microsoft and other file type will open externally in compatible software (i.e. Excels or Outlook emails)

Customisable Interface

  • Branding (i.e artwork, logo, colour scheme etc.)
  • Navigation bar with quick links to multiple indexes
  • Split screen display (i.e duplicates screens or separate index and document view)
  • Splash page (intro screen which includes the firms branding, case information and contact details. Additional information can be added if required)


  • Keyword search with instant results
  • Results include the number of hits per document
  • Choose to search over specific areas of the eBundle (i.e entire corpus or specific sub-index)
  • Boolean, Stemming, Fuzzy or Phonic Searching available (help guide included on eBundle)
  • Sort order results via hits, name or file size.

Production Output

  • eBundle can be produced onto CD or DVD (Branded case and disc cover
  •  eBundle can be produced onto USB (Lineal or preferred branded USB)
  •  eBundle can be provided as an electronic folder (i.e transferred via FTP and copied onto own device)

We administer innovative solutions to eDiscovery challenges, operating within the EDRM framework, and ensuring all identified data is possessed, analysed, and produced in a legally defensible manner.

For more information about us or any of our Legal Document Services, please feel free to browse the rest of our website or call us on +44 (0)20 7940 4799.

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