eDiscovery Consulting

The eDiscovery process can tear through budgets and result in long nights and extreme pressure for everyone involved. Lineal’s eDiscovery consulting team can be quickly deployed anywhere in the world to provide invaluable support and guidance to your project team.

The more data you have, the higher your eDiscovery costs. Many organisations have legacy data and files which require identification and review. Without the appropriate tools and strategy to deal with legacy data, not to mention that which derives from mobile sources, cost budgeting and cost order compliance can become a nightmare.

Lineal’s eDiscovery consultants connect the technical to the legal world. Using subject matter experts, Lineal consults on the tools and procedures used to ensure your project benefits from industry best practices, making it easier to manage strict timelines and costs. By identifying the biggest challenges relating to your project, we can home in on a strategy, bespoke to your organisation’s needs.

eDiscovery Data experts

We advise expertly, with a focus on data, at each stage: from sitting in on early custodian interviews, to the Case Management Conference or Meet and Confer, through review to production. Lineal consultants become the data experts working alongside your legal team to efficiently and accurately identify, collect, process, review, and produce your documents.

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An extension of your team

Lineal consultants become an extension to your team, whether from the outset of a matter, or if brought in later in the case. Through our specialist knowledge and resources, all information and documentation relating to the matter is managed, collated, and structured, allowing you to quickly access, analyse, and collate the data whilst being supported throughout the process.

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