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At its core, cyber security refers to the prevention of threats to digital assets connected via the internet – this includes hardware such as computers, networks, connected devices, and software such as operating systems, databases, email, and business systems.

The strongest form of defence and cyber security best practice includes a strategy of rolling assessment and testing with an effective incident response plan – our experts ensure to continuously develop and provide cyber security solutions that support businesses, and efficiently mitigate attempts of cyber attacks or data loss.

We partner with clients to help them protect themselves against one of the biggest threats of the modern age. Our cyber consultants work to develop ongoing risk assessments and then implement the policies and procedures required to put all necessary countermeasures in place to limit and contain cyber security exposure.

Why use Lineal Cyber
Security Audit
Assess, Review and Protect

Lineal Security Audit delivers critical insight by identifying and flagging vulnerabilities and high-risk practices.

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Vulnerability Assessment Scan
See What the Hacker Sees

Lineal’s vulnerability assessment scan, maps your risk threat landscape, by identifying vulnerabilities and configuration issues that hackers use to penetrate your network.

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Penetration Testing
Be Risk Averse and Ahead of The Curve

Manage your infrastructure risk, and protect your customer data with our advanced armoury of security countermeasures.

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Cyber Incident Response
Protecting Your Commercial Integrity

When your organisation is affected by a cyber-attack, it is imperative to have clear guidelines and procedures in place to manage and neutralise all security breaches.

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Digital Forensics
Find the Facts

We offer comprehensive, digital forensic investigations to ascertain and pinpoint causes and identify the source of cyber fraud and attack, both instigated by threat actors internally and externally.

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Why Lineal Cyber

Lineal’s cyber security product portfolio of services delivers leading industry protection to combat and neutralise the primary threat encountered by today’s rapidly evolving cyber landscape.

Directors have a fiduciary/compliance duty to put all necessary countermeasures in place to limit and contain this exposure. Best-practice and the best form of defence, encompasses a strategy of rolling assessment and testing with an effective incident response plan.

This is a risk-based approach where the company is not just adhering to compliance standards but using a comprehensive approach that leverages best practices and industry standards to identify possible problems, along with processes in place to keep everyone informed.

Thus enabling them to increase the chances of a fast and timely response to minimise the temporal gap when planning and responding to possible cybersecurity threats, increasing the likelihood of a quick and easy recovery, if and when such an event occurs.

Time is crucial in this matter. Early response actions can decrease the amount of negative impact to your organisation and even possibly eliminate it altogether. The key to this is planning. This is more than just having a checklist in place and then going down the list, checking off each task. It will involve continuous comprehensive, risk-based preparation in conjunction with your business leadership team, general counsel, system operators, continuity planners, CEO, CIO, COO and your risk and security officers.

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