eDisclosure is the process of identifying, retrieving, collecting, reviewing, and producing Electronically Stored Information (ESI) for disclosure purposes in civil and criminal litigation, internal and external compliance inquiries and investigations, and M&A deals.

At Lineal, we have the experience and the expertise to manage the eDisclosure process in confidential manner, respecting your deadlines and cost budgets.

Data Processing

A successful eDisclosure project depends on being able to process data effectively. Lineal’s tools and technology allow our teams to extract, cull, and deduplicate ESI effectively and efficiently. We can turn large amounts of data into a usable form, allowing it to be reviewed in a cost-effective manner.

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Data Hosting

We provide a secure platform from which to host data whilst it is being manipulated and reviewed. Our clients trust that sensitive information is held securely, and we have the capacity required to handle even the most complex project.

Early Case Assessment (ECA)

Once your data has been uploaded into our eDiscovery platform, you can immediately take advantage of our expertise in Early Case Assessment (ECA). Lineal’s eDiscovery service is unique in that it does not require you to load your data into a review workspace and incur significant costs – before taking this step. This innovative approach received widespread recognition at the 2017 Relativity Fest in London.

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Data Analytics

Data analytics involves examining data in sets to draw conclusions about the information contained within. Lineal uses visualisation software and other tools to allow project teams to analyse data in new and different ways; identifying trends so key facts can be quickly identified.

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Technology-Assisted Review (TAR) /Predictive Coding

Technology-Assisted Review (TAR) is where computer software classifies documents and data identified in an eDisclosure project, for the purposes of speeding up the process of collection. Predictive coding involves an expert reviewer using keywords to analyse and categorise a sample of documents, deciding which ones are relevant to the particular eDisclosure project.

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Online Review through advanced eDiscovery platforms

Document review has advanced significantly from a time when each document was inspected by a solicitor to determine its relevance to a particular matter. Email and mobile devices have resulted in project teams being required to accurately analyse and collect tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of documents. This has sent the cost of eDisclosure soaring.

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Data Subject Access Request Packages

At Lineal we understand that the nature and frequency of DSARs can pose a financial burden on an organisation. With that in mind, we have developed cost-effective packages for varying data sizes with all-inclusive services for a pre-set price. This way any organisation can confidently respond to requests knowing in advance their financial exposure.

Tailored to offer:
  • Predictable package pricing
  • Simplified workflow
  • Customised review template
  • Expedited managed document review

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