Managed Document Review

Managed Document Review

Managed Document Review

Managed document review is undertaken when an outside vendor manages the document review process on your behalf. Lineal provides seamless, end-to-end managed remote and on-premise document review, helping our clients reduce costs, save time and make litigation more efficient.

About our services

Lineal can assist you with a range of document review solutions, whether as a standalone provision or as part of a package with other eDiscovery services (e.g. hosting, data processing, consultancy).

We have an expert team, high proficiency in the latest eDiscovery technologies, a deep pool of legally qualified document reviewers, and extensive experience in a range of subject matters and foreign language capabilities. There is no document review project that is too complex or onerous.

LD Remote Review Solution

LD Remote Reviewer Solution is designed to help with the remote working environment. With legal document reviews happening outside of secure locations, and the content of these documents requiring strict monitoring, the need to ensure secure review environments has spiked.

LD Remote Review Solution can;

  • Prohibit reviewers from accessing the camera function on their mobile devices ensuring photos cannot be taken of the documents under review;
  • Scramble the review screen when the reviewer utilizes the texting, calling or other designated apps strictly controlled by the review managers;
  • Ensure the reviewer keeps their mobile device a certain distance from the review workstation;
  • Accurately measure reviewer productivity as it allows the review manager to tell exactly how long the reviewer was engaged in the review application, and how many times the reviewer left the review environment to access their phone.
High quality and secure – Remote document review

Whatever the scenario, every Lineal review is supported by extensive in-house resources including expert project management; eDiscovery, and IT technical support; and advanced security controls and data protection measures as part of our ISO 27001:2017 certification.

Lineal utilises Microsoft Azure Cloud Windows Virtual Desktop, which is provided through the Remote Desktop Web client over a secure https protocol, which has the following features:

  • Passwords cannot be cached
  • Virtual Desktop ensures no data can be transferred, only viewed
  • Read-Only Access to the virtual desktop
  • Users cannot save and/or access documents
  • No data stored at any time on any personal device or Lineal provided laptop
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • No cutting/pasting/clipboard access
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Flexible, remote tailored approach

We can provide qualified contract lawyers or paralegals to work from remote or co-located locations synchronously under your management. Alternatively, we can have them work under our supervision, in close cooperation with external counsel. We can also deploy teams to any corner of the globe remotely if documents are unable to leave a particular jurisdiction.  We have document review facilities in UK, USA, Hong Kong, India and Brazil.

Quality control and communication

Throughout the review project, Lineal undertakes rigorous checks to guarantee accuracy and quality of review work undertaken. Lineal leverages collaboration technology to facilitate effective communication with review managers.

Minimising costs and risk

Our guiding principle in document review is to minimise costs and risk by getting it right the first time.  This applies to a broad spectrum of reviews, including:

  • Meeting disclosure obligations in commercial litigation, both domestic and cross-border;
  • Responding to disclosure requests in regulatory investigations – e.g. banking, white collar crime, antitrust;
  • Subject access requests under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), as well as other statutory requests;
  • Compliance matters and internal investigations.

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